XXL Titanium: So much to choose from!

The choice of Calex lamps is extremely diverse. Both in terms of shapes but also in of coatings and sizes. Whereas lighting used to only have a functional purpose, where the amount of light and the size of the fitting were decisive for the purchase of the lamp, now so many more factors play a role. In many cases, lighting has become part of the interior and is an influential factor for a cozy and homy house.

In the coming weeks we will put different lamp types in the spotlight to give a good impression of the characters of the different series. This week? The XXL Titanium series!


The glass of the Titanium series is the most special thing about these lamps! The mirror-like glass looks almost silver when the lamp is turned off and reflects the surroundings like mirrors do. The lamps are mostly placed in modern interiors. Due to the dark mouth blown glass, the light output of these lamps when they are switched on is lower than that of a lamp with 2700 Kelvin. This provides the titanium lamps with a warm appearance and a special kind of light.

Over 20 shapes

With the XXL Titanium series you get a versatile lamp for your home. With choice of over 20 shapes that are combinable or that can shine on their own as statement pieces. We’ll “highlight” a few for you. Take the Madrid and Seville for example. These are small in size, which makes them stand out, both standing in a table fixture or hanging from the ceiling. The Calgary is extremely suitable to hang above a bar as a real eye-catcher.


You can go either way with the Valencia and Lamda. In a beautiful fixture or as a separate light source, this lamp is a real “must have” among the titanium lamps.

Looking for a nice and affordable housewarming gift? The Bilbao is a lamp that appeals to everyone. Because of its shape and size, it can get a place anywhere and it will certainly steal the show.

Longer life

Unique and atmospheric light with the appearance of an incandescent lightbulb, but with the latest technology and energy efficiency of LED! These lamps are excellent for dimming. Create your own ambiance with these pretty bulbs.