3 Essentials for a cosy home

You can buy the most beautiful lamps, but without a dimmer it can be hard to get the right ambiance. Calex feels it is very important that everyone can create the perfect light and settings themselves. With these dimmers you can!

Cord Dimmer

Finally chose a lamp and lamp holder and the lamp shines a bit too bright? This is the solution! You can easily install this LED dimmer on the cord of your lamp holder or pendant. Calex even added a handy screwdriver for the small screws.

Check out the Cord dimmer

(Duo) Dimmer Flush Mounting

We get that you want to adjust the light intensity of your lamp to the state of the day. In the morning you want to wake up at ease and with good light, but in the evening the light may not need to shine so bright that you can count all the peas on your plate. A Calex flush mounting dimmer was specially designed for just this purpose. Wish to operate multiple light groups? Choose the duo flush mounting dimmer.

Check out the single flush mounting dimmer

Check out the duo flush mounting dimmer