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It seems so simple. Whenever you need light, you switch on the light. But there is more to it than that. After all, how long can you stay focused while working under intimate lighting? Calex understands how lighting ambiance works. So, no matter if you need a ’bright dot the i’s and focus’ ambiance, or rather an intimate ‘relaxing on the couch’ atmosphere, Calex lighting ensures that you get the ambiance right with just one push of the light switch!

Calex is a brand full of passion, with a great deal of daring and creativity. Our passion for lighting and ambiance, and the drive to remain innovative in that area, date back to 1970. Ever since we have been busy every day making house interiors – yours too – more impressive and more pleasant. Calex can provide the correct light source for the ambiance you are looking for. Be inspired by our lighting ambiances and take a good look at our collection.

Calex, your specialist for lighting and ambiance!

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